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Social Map Explorer helps you find the Content you love.
Have you ever wondered what sort of videos people share with the world?
Just pick a Location and start exploring from wherever you are


  • We are a Company and we want that thing
  • Contact me and we can talk about it
  • Why do you need my Location?
  • I seriously don't NEED your location, it's just to center the map
  • I clicked on {CITYNAME} and got a Video of {OTHERCITY} what's wrong with you?
  • Youtube defaults the location they provide to the uploaders Location, i'm sorry
  • I want my Video to be highlighted on your map
  • Well that's great, shoot me an Email
  • What's it supposed to do? All i see is a map
  • Try to click on another location, sometimes there's no video available to play. If this didn't help, try to turn it off and on
  • I'd like to donate to you!
  • Thanks but we don't accept donations, however, feel free to share my work
  • But seriously what does it do?
  • When you're clicking on a location, one hundred little slavemonkeys search Youtube for videos of that location, sometimes those monkeys can be real assholes so they show you videos from around 30km of the clicked location.
  • Why are you whoring with those Ad-Banners?
  • Because i need to Money to keep things running

About Me

Software Developer working in the Advertising Industry, passionate early adopter. I love to create simple innovative solutions aswell as total nonsense.

"Never stop playing"